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Cheap and Healthy Eats: Snack Edition Part 3

This post is the third and final post of my favorite cheap and healthy snacks I usually enjoy (for now!!)

Goldfish Snack Crackers

Goldfish Snack Crackers 25 count mini snack bag
Goldfish Snack Crackers, Image Credit: Adashia Franklyn

Goldfish were always a part of my life of snacking, starting from when I was very young. They were a staple in the lunchroom and were always the hot item to have in yor lunchbox. These snacks became notorious because they taste great and although they are not he healthiest snack ever (they provide little nutritional benefit), they are generally healthier than their other snack options, like potato chips, corn chips, etc. They are packed with carbs, have 150 calories per serving, and are a good snack to hold you over until the next meal. They are also good for filling you up if you are hungry before athletic activity, but you don’t want to have a meal or eat too much. Again, I prize these snacks more for their taste, but they are indeed nutritionally better than your average junk food selections. They can be found for $2.50 at your local store. 

Whole Grain Cheez-It Snack Crackers

A box of Cheez-It Snack Crackers
Whole Grain Cheez-It Snack Crackers. Image Credit: Adashia Franklyn

Similar to the Goldfish Snack Crackers, Cheez-It Snack Crackers have always been a part of my snacking experience. I always used to eat the orginal type of Cheez-Its (opposed to the Whole Grain kind shown above), and they also had very little nutrional value. When I came to college and went food shopping for my self for the first time, once I entered the store, I bee-lined into the snack aisle (must be the inner kid in me). I went to get Cheez-Its, and amidst all of the varieties of the snack, I noticed that there was a new whole grain option to my favorite snack. The whole grain junkie inside of me couldn’t resist. I put the Cheez-Its inside my shopping cart, prayed that they did not taste different (or even nasty) compared to the original flavor, and continued food shopping. I’m glad I took the risk! The Whole Grain Cheez-Its taste exactly the same as the original, with a better nutritional benefit. They pack 5 grams of whole grain per serving, which contributes about 5% towards your daily recommended needs for whole grains. It may not be a lot, but every little bit of whole grains helps toward the daily goal. These can be found for around $2.50-$3.00 at your local store.

Sunbutter and Jelly Sandwiches

A picture of Sunflower Seed butter and jelly.
Trader Joe’s Sunflower seed butter and Welch’s Concord Grape Jelly. Image Credit: Adashia Franklyn

I personally have many food allergies. Two of which include peanuts and tree nuts. Before realizing my food allergy, eating a pb&j was routine for school lunches and midnight snacks. Peanuts and tree nuts are a fantastic source of protien, and after I discovered that I was allergic, it became harder and harder to get that protein without having my daily nut butter sandwich. When I entered high school, my mom and I found sunflower seed butter in the grocery store. It looked and smelled very similar to peanut butter, so I gave it a try. Not surprisingly, by itself it tasted like sunflower seeds, but once I put it in a sandwich with some jelly and ate it, it felt just like eating a pb&j. The texture and taste with bread and jelly is all similar to original.

Once I got to college, I found that I liked Trader Joe’s Sunflower Seed Butter the best. It is a bit pricey at around $5, but in my allergy-specific situation, it is worth it.  It has the most consistent and smooth texture compared to peanut butter and it also has the best taste out of all the sunflower seed butters I have tried. Also, I always eat my sun-butter sandwiches with Concord Grape Jelly on toasted Whole grain/Whole Wheat Bread (toasted bread has less calories and tastes better to me). As a lighter snack, I put the sun-butter and jelly in between Ritz Snack crackers and I usually eat about 4-5 mini sandwiches (they can be very filling). Welch’s jelly can be found at your local store for around $1.50-$2.00. Continue reading Cheap and Healthy Eats: Snack Edition Part 3