Adashia Franklyn in her Saint Joseph's University Uniform
Adashia Franklyn, blog author and #33 for Saint Joseph’s University Women’s Basketball team. Image Credit: Sideline Photos, LLC

Are you a college student athlete? Do you try to eat well and not break the bank while doing so? If so, this may be the blog for you. I myself am a student athlete, I eat on the healthier side, and I am on a very tight college student budget. I am on no specific diet in particular, I just have a good sense of what to put in my body to feel and perform well, as well as choosing options that don’t hurt my wallet too much. I also have many food allergies, so I have to know exactly what’s in the foods I am eating, and I always have to be careful on what I consume, athlete or not,  so that I won’t suffer the consequences of an allergic reaction. In college, as a student athlete you are either on a meal plan or get meal checks, and team meals at the conclusion of the occasional practice or game, or don’t get any money or free meals at all. Regardless of the situation, I want this make this blog so that student athletes can eat well for their bodies and not break their bank. Just as you eat well, you will appreciate the results on your body, and  if you save your money well, you will appreciate the results down the road.

Adashia Franklyn

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