Adashia D. Franklyn

This is a roster photo of Adashia Franklyn

Professional Field: Sports Marketing and Communications

I am looking to pursue a career in the sports industry. Specifically, my interests in the sports industry include marketing, advertising, broadcasting, communications, and/or management. Since I am currently majoring in both Sports Marketing and Communications Studies, there is a broad spectrum of careers that I can see myself working in. In any job that I pursue now or in the future, my goal is to work with others to reach a common goal and to be profitable in doing so.

Another aspect of my interest are the current trends of today. Today’s growing use of technology has changed aspects of how people work together and communicate, and the current mainstream industry trends that I support are using social media to give news and spread messages, as it is an instant way to gain knowledge at your fingertips. I find myself to be very knowledgeable about social media, and I am looking to use this knowledge as a contribution to whatever career in sport I pursue. I have gained such a huge interest in the sports industry at such a young age due to being an athlete myself. Through playing different sports throughout my lifetime, I have always been curious of what goes on behind the scenes in the sports world. With being a student-athlete, I have gained effective organization, time-management, and communication skills. I am also a natural born leader, and I am comfortable working with others, leading by example and leading vocally, and making executive decisions when needed.

Workforce Why

  • I believe that hard work beats talent when talent hardly works.
  • I believe that what you put in to something is what you will get out of something. Everything always comes full circle, and this principle guides my actions throughout the world.
  • I believe that the same thing that guides my actions in the world should guide my actions in the workplace. Everything is cause and effect, and you should treat people how you would want to be treated.
  • I believe that a positive mindset can take someone very far in life. An open mind has room to grow.
  • I believe that one should always work to improve on themselves, as working to become a better person is never in vain.